Laser Hair Removal: Cheaper than Shaving, Waxing or Plucking

Other | Tuesday 6th March 2012 | Osh

In the past few years laser hair removal has become a revolutionary treatment that has grown in popularity for both its financial benefits and superior results. It is considered an investment in the body as it involves a short-term, one off cost for hair removal rather than a continual ongoing expense when buying wax strips or razors.

In fact, the saving is a considerable one. The Premier Laser Clinic with clinics in Clapham Common, Notting Hill Gate, Aldgate East and Kingston explains that a course of six treatments of laser hair removal for the upper lip and chin would average at around £347. This compares to waxing, which in the average lifetime would cost around £7200.

An even bigger saving is seen when you compare laser hair removal treatments for the legs, which would cost around £893, to waxing the same area over a lifetime which would be on average £19,200!

Treatment on the underarms sees a saving of over £6000. These examples help explain why laser hair removal treatment has become so popular. But the benefits are not only financial ones. In terms of lifestyle, laser hair removal offers a hassle free way of dealing with excess hair.

Premier Laser Clinic, London’s leading laser skin clinic that specialises in laser hair removal commented, “Not all laser hair removal is the same, most salon based hair removal is called IPL which is not true laser technology; we only use world leading laser technology from leaders such as Candela and Cynosure which offers longer lasting results.”

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