How Many Times A Day Do You Say ‘Google it’?

Wednesday 1st February 2012 | Osh

Researchers have said that we depend on the internet instead of our memory. The internet has become an everyday necessity for us to remember things or find out the answer to that burning question. I know that Google usually has the answer to my questions, and when someone asks me something that I don’t have the answer to I just say ‘Google it’! Does knowing that the internet has all the answers make us lazy to find other resources to finding the information? Many studies have been conducted and results vary but Betsy Sparrow, a psychologist at Columbia University, says we’re not changing into a dumber human race. We are capable of remembering these things but usually take a short cut by turning to search engines for the answer. It is advised to avoid search engines every now and again and work that brain of yours for the answer.