Gappy Ranks

Other | Tuesday 6th December 2011 | Annalisa

Guestlist caught up with the UK reggae dancehall rising Star Gappy Ranks to get the inside info on his latest Album release ‘’ Put Your Stereo On’’. We sat down to talk to Gappy Ranks about getting signed to Greensleeves records , his new album , touring Europe , America and his collaboration with the legendary and international recognised Studio One producers Peckings crew.

For those that don’t know you out there ,tell them who Gappy ranks is and what he represents?

I am from North West London, my mother is from the Dominican Republican and my father is from Jamaica. I would like people to see me as a lover of music and I use music to communicate that.

Where did the love of music stem from and who in the reggae /dancehall influenced your sound or music direction.

My love of music really came from the house where I was exposed to two different cultures.As well as that I live in London , which is also a multicultural city.  As soon as I leave my house I am instantly met by different cultures , people and foods, this eclectic mix is then injected into my music and gives me my unique sound.

So tell people around the world how would you describe where you from in London?

I am located in North West London, which is close to the Wembley Stadium.
I would like to describe it as the home of UK Reggae.

Now ... ‘Rising out of the Ghetto’ - what inspired that track and what would you like the youth of today to learn from it.

The track “Rising out of the Ghetto’’ is an acknowledgement of what is going on around me everyday and that  you can rise up out of the ghetto to achieve your dreams. Anything is possible.

When is the Album slated for and where can we get it from ?

‘’Put the Stereo on’’ is out on August 23rd 2010 on VP/Peckings Record. It will be available on Itunes and all good stores. It is out in France on the 6th September 2010.

Why did you call it Put your Stereo On ? Who, what inspired that ?
I called it “Put the Stereo On’’ as it is not all about getting rich but bringing people together. I remember in the household we would all come together for parties with great food and music. This would always bring us in one place and appreciate each other.

How did you feel when you were picked up by VP records ?
I am actually signed to Greensleeves, which is owned by VP Records. I am happy to be part of a movement that I once followed, which has a great roster of artists that are known internationally.

How does it feel to be touring and what is the general feeling from fans?

I have seen 80% of the world, all that is left is Asia and Africa. I have seen different people and reggae music  has allowed me to travel the world. Where ever I go I bring the people something that they want to hear - one side might want to hear “heaven in her eyes’’ and the other side might want to hear “Stinkin Rich’’. Reggae music has brought me great opportunity to travel.

How did it feel to be working with the Peckings crew on the album ?

It was totally by chance that I worked with them.I was in the same studio as the legend Bunny Wailer and gave me the riddims ‘’heaven in her eyes’’ and ‘’ the mountain tops’’ for the album.
It was a great opportunity to work with George Price - Pioneer of Studio One , who is well respected all over the world.The tracks that I have are more than 30 years and it is like a time capsule. And I am bringing it back to modern times.

Will you be at the Notting Hill Carnival  and if so will you be performing?

Of Course I will be there, from an early age I was always attending. You will see me floating around and mingling with the crowd. You will most probably find me on the BBC 1Xtra carnival float.

If you could take one person to dinner right now, who would it be and why ?

The hungriest person that I can find to feed. I know what it is like to be hungry and not having anything to eat.

Whats your favourite sandwich?
Cheese and Pickle

Whats next for Gappy Ranks ?

More releases from me, go and get the “Rising out of the Ghetto’’ EP on VP records. Another album will be slated for next year, with more music videos. Additionally I have launched Hot Coffee Music, which is an independent label that serves to bring great music to the forefront of the UK music industry.