Keri Hilson Interview

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 22nd November 2011 | Osh


Keri Hilson
Currently on tour with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross promoting her new track 'Lose Control’, this rising star is now set to come to London this month heading her very first UK Tour.

How’s things with you?
Things are good, things are great!

What are you up to at the moment?
I am in San Antonio, Texas. I am still on the music tour, with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lloyd and Far East Movement.

It’s the last week of the tour actually, after this week I’m preparing to come to London.

OK, so you’ve still got some energy left after all that hard work?
Absolutely especially for my fans in the UK!

How is it working with those big dogs out there?
This particular crew... It’s really cool, yeah everybody’s quiet, everybody keeps to themselves.

So you’re not going out partying every night?
I do but it’s my own parties, I’ve only had a couple joint parties, one with Rick Ross and one with Lloyd other than that it’s very quiet and very professional, contrary to popular beliefs!

What about over here, you say you love the fans over here. How do you feel when you come over to Europe?
Very welcomed! I mean the fans are amazing, they would wait outside for seven hours in the rain ! So it’s a really cool feeling to know that you can be that far from home and be received that well. The shows, they know how to party. It’s a great thing performing for my European fans. Every time I do, there’s a certain energy that nowhere else has.

You’ve been making music and working with other legends from such a young age, it must take special things to now make you feel really good?
Yes, definitely!

What are the things now that you consider big achievements?
Ah man, a Grammy, a Grammy! [Laughs] That has always been the creme de la creme for me and for most artists, other than that I mean the simple things. I love meeting my fans, I think that the most gratifying thing about what I do is when someone walks up to me and says that I got them through their relationship, or whatever it is.

When you make a real change in someone’s life?
Yeah, like “Oh you got me through this break up and I couldn’t of done it without this song” or “You made me realise that I’m worth more, you know this person was taking me for granted and these couple of songs helped me through that.”

That must be an amazing feeling.
Yeah, exactly. That beats any award I could ever get.

So, no Grammy yet?
Nope. Been nominated twice. I haven’t taken it home yet.

I can feel it coming!
[Laughs] I’m gonna keep working on it!

They always say third time lucky, so next time it’s yours!
Yeah, I’m patient, I’m patient.

You have also done a lot of things for Africa, have you been back there lately?
The last time I went to Africa, I think it was Nigeria, Christmas last year.

You had fun out there though?
I did, I did. Before that it was South Africa, I may be back in December.

You’ve worked with Chipmunk. What do you think of British guys?
He’s like my little brother. I’ve watched him grow from Chippity Chip! [Laughs] His music has matured, his style has matured, his image has matured, I think it is a really cute thing you know it’s cool.

Do you think there is an opportunity for him to make some waves over in America?
I think so. I mean he’s done collaborations with myself, Trey Songs, Chris Brown, I think that may be the key. It happened for Tinie Tempah without such features too. I hope it happens for him in a big way!

Just a random question, what’s your favourite drink?

Must be a Mojito.

What about non-alcoholic?
Tropicana apple juice!

Nice! If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?
Well it depends. If I was an invisible clone of myself I would watch all my own shows, I would stand there and watch my show and walk around the crowd and hear all the whispers, yeah that’s what I would do.

Keri, have you ever done any television?
Not yet. I just did my first cameo in a movie, it’s called Think Like A Man by Sonny Scrimjin. That was very gratifying, other than that I’m reading scripts and been looked at for a few parts, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be filming one of them this year.

That’s great. I’m thinking about doing a show, it’s about looking for my future wife.
Oh wow.

I think you would be a great star, I think you know what part I’d want you to play.
Oh really? [Laughs]

Catch Keri play on 11th October at IndigO2. For your chance to meet her backstage as a VIP check out