'Hold It In'- The Melvins

Indie | Wednesday 10th December 2014 |

Arguably one of the most inspiring and important bands of the last 30 years, The Melvins have influenced the likes of Nirvana, Kyuss, Pearl Jam, and Queens Of The Stone Age and now are back with an innovative and eclectic sounding offering, ‘Hold It In’, that is sure to have a broad appeal amongst the whole cross section of Melvin-ites. The album opens with an overdriven orgy of heaviness that will pound into your ear canals like a sledgehammer with anger management issues. The track, entitled ‘Bride Of Crankenstein’ relives some of the bands’ earlier career of which many fans associate with The Melvins origins back in 1983.                             

The album takes us on a sonic adventure, running a gambit of genres through the grunge swamps (In the similar vain as Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains) with ‘Sesame Street Meat’ and ‘Nine Yards’ and ‘Piss Pistopherson’  (I’m pretty sure that this is a urination based take on a legendary country singer) to heights of the Experimental Appalachians with tracks like ‘Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit’ and ‘Onions Make The Milk Taste Bad’. Throughout this journey there’s even enough time for a trek through the pop/rock badlands of ’Eyes On You’ and ‘You Can Make Me Wait’ and even a ride through the deep south with a Country song (albeit twisted) entitled ‘I Get Along Hollow Moon’. For me this is the perfect stocking filler for the person in your life who craves a break from normality and monotony of formulaic rock bands.