Mark Ronson rocks a funky beat on Daffodils

Indie | Thursday 20th November 2014 | Rob

Mark Ronson returns with a swooning, swinging, funk-inspired track featuring indie God, Kevin Parker. Ronson; producer, singer, rapper, you name it; has stayed under the radar in the last few years but swaggers back onto the ever-growing indie funk scene with his typical catchy hooks and obsessive bass lines. Parker, who brings his haunting vocals to the track, made his name with psychedelic giants, Tame Impala, a critically and popularly acclaimed band who have grown in size and musical strength since their inception in 2007.

The track begins with Ronson's stamped credentials, an infectious chord pattern, setting the tone and current for the whole track; now cue Parker. His vocals slide in with effortless grace and caress the concoction of sounds that Ronson has so skilfully crafted, with complementary perfection. The track climaxes with a grungy free-for-all before plunging into immediate silence for its finale. Ronson is rapidly establishing himself as a modern icon and collaborations like this will only further his status as one of the all-time British greats. The drums sound like MJ's Thriller, the base like Daft Punks 'Get Lucky' and the vocals like, well, Tame Impala.

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Author - @robhendy95