Introducing: Gabriela Eva - Singer Songwriter

Indie | Tuesday 18th November 2014 | Annalisa

Gabriela Eva is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from London with an eclectic sound, comprising stylistic elements of jazz, funk, and soul, with a Spanish-tinged guitar sound.

She's been performing from a young age and is emerging on the festival circuit, with gigs at Latitude and a number of smaller festivals under her belt. A free-spirited musician and traveller, she has performed to audiences from Spain to Shanghai, and is currently working with EMI and Alibi Records in the USA. 

Gabriela's sleek vocals, coupled with understated, tasteful guitar touches make for a fresh and distinctive sound. Ventures into the realm of electronically produced tracks are equally interesting: the imaginative rendition of 'Over the Rainbow' is a testament to her creativity, even if it could do with a slightly more professional mixdown. In a sense though, the low-fi quality contributes to a feeling of raw intimacy.

Her seductive vocals can also be heard on tracks by Passive Passengers, a self-proclaimed 'modern folk' outfit, whose tracks also feature some beautiful, soulful guitar riffs:

Fresh recordings are on the horizon and we think Gabriela Eva is most definitely one to watch out for. Stay tuned.

Check out Gabriela on YouTube and SoundCloud.