PREVIEW: New Street Adventure’s debut album, ‘No Hard Feelings’ – 27th October

Indie | Friday 24th October 2014 | Christina

London based 5-piece New Street Adventure - Nick Corbin (vocals and guitar), Ashley Hayden (bass), Billy Farr (lead guitar), Charlie Myers (keys) and Jeremy Paul (drums) – are bringing their new wave soul sound to the world with their debut album No Hard Feelings. Produced by Mitch Ayling of The Milk, and released on October 27th through the legendary Acid Jazz Records, No Hard Feelings is a masterful blend of indie rock, soul and keen social observation.

The album is a strong offering, full of earnest, soulful and well-crafted songs from a band who know who they are and what they want to say. There are shades of Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield and Smokey Robinson in their sound, and lyrically, New Street Adventure employ a similar social commentary style to the Arctic Monkeys.

The single ‘On Our Frontdoorstep’ was digitally released in July and received a strong response from UK radio. Not surprising considering this is one of the standout tracks on the album - it perfectly encapsulates the sound of the band and is bloody catchy to boot. It would slot comfortably into the charts, no doubt about it. The theme of “struggling to make it” appears throughout the record and makes for more noteworthy tracks. On ‘Foot in the Door’ Corbin sings “Four long years for a stupid bit of paper/and even now no one knows my name/they will heartlessly underrate you/ if you wanna play this game/As just as soon as I get my foot in the door/yeah I can feel it start to slip away once more.” New Street Adventure handle the reality of being overeducated and underemployed with wit and insight, and as a result, tap into a very real sentiment felt by their generation. With songs like these, NSA will have no trouble building and resonating with an audience.

New Street Adventure have had some great exposure already, being featured on Craig Charles’ ‘Funk and Soul Show’ on BBC6 Music, performing a live session on The Robert Elms Show on BBC London, and being hosted by Amazing Radio’s Gary Crowley. Furthermore, they have gained support from Fred Perry who will feature NSA on their website – a perfect pairing given the brand’s affiliation with Northern Soul.

Whilst No Hard Feelings is not the most groundbreaking record you will hear this year, with its throwback sound, it will get your feet tapping and your head bobbing. So if you like your indie with a bit of soul, New Street Adventure is the band for you. 

Pre-order the album on iTunes and Amazon. Keep up with the band on their website, Facebook and Twitter