Indie | Friday 28th February 2014 | James

I have to admit; I have always enjoyed the unashamed nuttiness of the Klaxons. They seemed like your first college band, fed solely on a diet 90s rock and rave and MDMA, which they cleverly turned into their own unique brand of batshit neon rave-rock... from outer space. But, and its a big but, they have always been very, very of their time - January 2007 to be specific, and their music has dated as rapidly as the new rave fad came to prominence. For many, it seems the bands popularity has become like that pair of flares your Dad cherished in the 70s - great at the time, but now uncomfortably stuffed away and forgotten at the back of the wardrobe. And the first single from their upcoming third album (and first for four years) No Other Time can't help feeling like opportunistic jump on the house bandwagon, a misjudged attempt to claw back both popularity and credibility. But in truth it just sounds like a bad, over-produced house record fused with a good Eurodance one (the latter not being a compliment) with its bouncing beat, hushed vocals and keyboard melody. Bands experimenting and trying to progress their sound is always something to be admired, whatever the outcome; but given this bands history with the fad of new rave, its hard not to be cynical about the Klaxon's latest, underwhelming release. Because if you listen really carefully, you can even hear the wheels of the bandwagon they've leapt on creaking under their weight.

James Gale