Party Perfect Hair Backstage At London Fashion Week

Other | Wednesday 19th February 2014 | Jaz Grewal

Just in time for festival season, backstage at London Fashion Week hair was focused on braids, buns and loose textured hair. 

Over at Giles, the classic plait was modernised and reworked into a French braid, knots and rough hair gave an unfinished and effortless look. The Tabernacle twins also sent models down the runway with hair pushed over to one side and side braids coming from the ear almost to give an illusion of an undercut. Plaits were also one of the main concepts of the Jean Pierre Braganaza show.

The bun made a triumphant return to the catwalks this season. Tata Naka sent models out with centre partings and two buns at the back to add depth, over at Pierce Fionda buns were delicately and neatly moulded into shell like shapes and Ekaterina Kukhareva took on a Japanese Geisha style of the bun. Mimi Fast took a glamorous approach with elegant buns and lots of backcombing.

Finally, hair took an effortless loose wave for Autumn Winter 14, tousled baech waves were the theme of Burberry's show and at Ones To Watch models sported rough out of bed shaggy hair.