Guestlist Recommends: Paolo Nutini

Indie | Wednesday 29th January 2014 | 00

Paolo Nutini’s newest single Scream (Funk Up My Life) hit the airwaves with BBC1 on January 24th and for fans it couldn’t have come any sooner. Nutini’s 4 year hiatus from album production may have cost him the interest of casual listeners but die hard fans are desperate to hear more. Fortunately, the single arrived on the heels of a new album announcement. Caustic Love is set to launch in April of this year. So, the question is, what can we expect from this new album? This may only be his third album bit it is already clear that Nutini is not in the business of catering to the masses. Hit singles like New Shoes and Pencil Full of Lead made their way into the mainstream but Nutini doesn’t seem compelled to crank out pop hits. His second album, Sunny Side Up, initially threw fans for a loop. He surprised everyone by introducing new folk, swing, and big band elements to his work. Scream (Funk Up My Life) seems to be another experimentation with sound. Still, it seems Nutini can do no wrong and his work is met with commercial and commercial enthusiasm. That’s why Guestlist recommends Paolo Nutini’s whole body of work and eagerly awaits more from Caustic Love.