5 New Singer/Songwriters To Mellow Your Monday

Indie | Monday 27th January 2014 | 00

  1. Jay Brannan

You may recognize Jay Brannan from the film Shortbus but despite a cult following Jay Brannan has managed to fly under the radar for years. Maybe the content veers too far from the mainstream for your average listener? If that’s the case it’s a real shame because he’s absolutely worth a listen. Feel free to start off easy with a cover or two. They’re almost as great his original work.


  1. Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons had a radio hit a few years back but has since gone underground and created an independent record label. His sound is as compelling and authentic as ever. Simons is big in LA but it’s time the rest of the world get their hands on him.


  1. Anya Marina

Anya Marina is a Portland based artist and regular on the tour circuit. Her distinctive and often child-like voice interplays with heavy subject matter. Check out her self-produced album Felony Flats.


  1. Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs has been around a while and has seven albums in addition to her work on various soundtracks. If she sounds familiar you might recognize her from work Weeds season two soundtrack. Her other work doesn’t disappoint and most recent release, An Unwavering Band of Light, is fantastic.



  1. Bears of Manitou

This one might be cheating. Bears of Manitou don’t exactly fall in the singer songwriter category since they’re a four-person effort but they still deserve a shout out. Each member seems like they could be your best friend and their very real living room YouTube videos are perfectly relatable.  The Tempe, Arizona based group haven’t quite managed to break out yet but with any luck they will soon.