5 reasons your ears could tell you to grow a beard

Indie | Thursday 9th January 2014 | Sukaina

  1. First up is Keaton Henson; with his lullaby vocals and puppy dog eyes, his beard only just saves him from being transformed into a cute poster on a teenage girl’s bedroom wall.

  1. Matt Corby goes for a similar style with his tramp-esque ragged beard. The Australian singer-songwriter who found his way to fame after being on American Idol, won the ARIA song of the year award with his single 'Resolution'.

*Note the appearance of his shawl/ blanket at about 1:50 minutes into the video.  He really is rocking it tramp style.

  1. Woodkid, whose real name is Yoann Lemoine, has a seriously hefty CV. Not only is he a singer-songwriter but he has also directed music videos for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and The Mystery Jets. His music belongs to a genre known as neofolk which inspired experimental music and carries elements of acoustic sounds as well as string and industrial music. His most well-known song and the title of his EP; 'Iron' was featured in The Twilight soundtrack. As you can see, he also rocks a killer beard.

  1. Yet another Australian group to feature a beard (it must be a trend in Ozzie) is The Middle East. Despite what they might think, these band members' beards do not quite match up to those featured in the real Middle East, such as Omar Borkan al Gala's ;  the man who was forced to leave Saudi Arabia for being too good-looking.

  1. Of course, the original king of the awkward facial hair was Simon from Simon & Garfunkel. Although he doesn’t have a full on beard, he definitely has a serious moustache going on. It seems Garfunkel may also have fallen trap to the power of the ‘tash’, as the album cover below demonstrates. As well as creating enticing reverberating songs, they are the inspiration for Bastille's harmonically based lyrics and the fear of children everywhere for their haunting song 'Scarborough Fair'.

If you're still not convinced that a beard is the thing for you, don't worry, a beard isn’t all that being a musician is about... there's the hair too. Take a look at The Kooks or Hudson Taylor for some serious hair raising inspiration.

Sukaina Kadhum