The Mystery of Daughter

Indie | Monday 16th December 2013 | Sukaina

The London based Indie rock trio released their first EP in 2010 and have taken London by storm over the past year, with their haunting lyrics and suspenseful use of the bass. As described by Folk’s Sake as "one of the most unique sounds in the pop landscape today", there are certainly few bands that compare to Daughter's mystical sounds. On the hypothetical Indie music spectrum, they would stand somewhere in between London Grammar and The XX, upholding an anticipative rythmic tune that fails to be forgotten. 

The strikingly personal representation of the band certainly causes a stir of mystery, reflected in the errie location (woods) and concept of running away that is laced into the lyrics. When asked about the song's meanings in interviews Elena Tonra, the lead vocalist is careful to sidestep the issue, which frustratingly riles up more curiousity amongst their fans!

'Smother' is probably one of their most touching songs. With its simplistic reverberating notes and slow pace, you would have to be a robot to not feel the emotion charging through this song. I would also definitely recommend checking out some of Daughter's less established songs such as 'Smoke', the b-side to the more reputable 'Youth', along with the heart-wrenching song; 'Blue and Grey'.