The new Beck release is the audio equivalent of putting salt in your tea- but then, it IS strangely good...

Indie | Tuesday 24th September 2013 | Poppy

'Gimme' is a Necessary Life Experience.

I heard the new Beck single on the radio on Sunday (okay, not "single". Release. It’s just there...I don't know!) and I noticed something fairly obvious: that the whole thing didn’t have any structure. Not in a bad way; in a very, very good way. It’s a bit like a song underwater- initially, you’re on the surface, so it doesn’t make any sense. Then you stick with it, hand-hovering over the radio knob but vibrating with curiosity, and then it snaps you up like a crocodile, and pulls you under, suddenly making sense. You’re in Beck’s artisan mermaid community, lying back onto a shrimp sofa, digging for the pearls and tapping your foot (but only sort of tapping your foot, since the rhythm is kind of irregular).

After having this experience, everything else you hear forthwith sounds a little dull - like the same kind of feeling you get when you’re walking out of the cinema and there is no drive-by shooting. It’s worth pulling up the album just for how new it sounds. Serving suggestion: with a large side of chemical out-of-body experience.



Yes - more, please! 

Poppy Walker