5 Reasons to visit Hanover

Wednesday 11th September 2013 | Osh

Hanover, you say? Probably, you haven’t heard much about it. Let me tell you this: it´s a fun, contemporary city, only a stone throw away; hence cheap and easy to get to and definitely a worthy destination for weekend away. So, why should you actually visit Lower Saxony´s capital situated in the heart of Northern Germany? Check out these 5 reasons to visit and you´ll probably be planning your trip already!


#1 Nightlife in Linden

Linden is Hanover´s number 1 party district characterized by its young and bohemian residents. Most of the students studying at the Leibnitz University, artists and musicians move to that area. It offers the best indie clubs in town with a variety of parties and concerts that please everyone visiting. So if you should ever get the chance to visit, check out the ´Glocksee´, ´Kulturzentrum Faust´ and  ´Béi Chéz Heinz´. You won´t regret it! Promise. And since you´re probably going to be a little hung-over one day, go and see Linden´s lovely flea markets and stroll through the city reminiscing about last night´s epicness.


#2 The Maschsee & Maschsee Festival

The Maschsee is an artificial lake in the city centre and only a 15-minute walk from central station. There are lots of things to do; anyone will find something to enjoy an amazing day regardless of being the adventurous and relaxing type. You can either chill out in the parks all around the lake, have a coffee in one of the numerous restaurants, bike around the lake, rent a kayak or eve n hire a speedboat.

If you happen to visit in August, you´ll be lucky to attend the popular Maschsee Festival. Live music every day, a student boat battle, great parties and that for more than three weeks!


#3 Stunning Sceneries & blissful beer: Herrenhausen

A must do on every trip to Hanover is a stroll through the ´Herrenhäuser Gärten´. It’s a huge park in a sort of fancy garden style with loads of things to see and do: BBQ´s in the park, hanging out with friends, walking, biking and sightseeing. One place that should definitely be on top of the list is the Castle and the museum. Also, don´t miss to visit the grotto, called ´Grotte´ in German. You´d expect it to be a pretty scary spot within the magnificent gardens, but believe it or not it´s a splendid piece of art originating from 1676.

Another great aspect of Hanover Herrenhausen is the city´s original brewed beer. Hanoverians simply call it ´Herri´ and love its delicious, full taste. If you fancy a brewery tour, send them an email and make a booking. It´s only €10 and includes a three hour tour, snacks and a taste of their different brews in the end.


#4 Football: The rise of Hanover 96

A 96 football match is something no one should miss when visiting the city. The team improved its performance massively within the last few years and became one of Northern Germany´s best team. The have established a solid position among Germany´s 10 best teams in the Bundesliga; hence regularly play world famous clubs back home, such as Bayern München. Hanover also started playing in the European League due its great performance and is therefore a well-known team all over Europe by now. You can imagine how excited and pumped 96´s fans are about that and that’s exactly why a soccer match in Hanover should be on your list! 96 olé, 96 olé, 96 oléeee!


#5 The largest Marksmen´s Festival in the world

People from all over the world come to Hanover to be part of the biggest ´Schützenfest´ in the world. This year more than 1,5mio people were attracted to the event. Annually organized in July this Fun Fair is opening its doors for two weeks featuring shooting competitions, crazy parties, roller coasters and `Lüttje Lage´, a traditional Northern German drink that gets everyone really excited! One thing for sure the Schützenfest is fun and gives a great impression of how tradition and modern society mingles in Hanover.