Energy Shisha: The new craze to hit clubbers

Tuesday 3rd September 2013 | kimzung

This product is the deal if you want to smoke your coffee. I've heard of alcoholic aerosol sprays before, that get you pissed by spraying a shot straight down your mouth, but now you can also get your hit of caffiene from this lil electronic shisha stick, fully portable and so easy to give yourself a quick pick me up any time of the day.

Technically, you're not smoking either as this stick actually delivers a vapour of energy drink flavoured caffeine into your system. Much lighter than actual smoking but sort of simliar to it as you exhale a fine mist of sweet tasting vapour.

It's a pretty strong hit of caffeine, the manufacturer says therefore should be used responsibly!  So basically if you're new to this kind of thing, pace yourself! But otherwise, it's all safe, no nicotine and no carcinogens.

You can find them being sold in some clubs, bars and pubs but if you're not sure, just pop over to the website and search in  your area. You can also order them direct from the website, only £6.99 a piece with free delivery or bulk order for convenience. Otherwise, phone your order in.

For 50% off use discount code GLHB50 at the checkout!

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