FeZZee – The New Generation Festival App

Wednesday 11th September 2013 | Matt

Have you ever been at a festival, too drunk to function, disorientated, confused, hungry to hell and to top it off, alone? If you’ve experienced even one of the above, then get ready for the app that will save your life!

The app is called FezZee and is being developed by FeZzee Corp, which currently boasts a strong team consisting of Gene Myers the former VP of production and engineering for, Matt Mapleston who was employed for over 14 years by British Aerospace (BAE Systems) and Fola Adejumo the record label manager responsible for the likes of Benga and Magnetic Man. Yesterday saw the launch of their KickStarter campaign. FeZZee- Awesome Apps for    Music Festivals are looking to raise at least $80,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help them finish the app and fund a Smart Phone Testing Lab which will allow them to release a new Beta version of FeZZee every 6 weeks. They plan to have FeZZee completed no later than mid February 2014.

So what does this app actually do?

It’s a versatile app being created for both Apple and Android phones and is designed to be your festival buddy at times of need. It lets you know where you are, who’s on what stage and if there’s a clash. It’s also there to help you find your tent when you’ve had a bit too much to drink and if you wish to soak up all that alcohol it also tells you what food vendors are nearby. No more settling for that dodgy looking chicken burrito again.

If that weren’t enough, the app is also being developed to work even when you have poor connectivity! (We all know what a pain it can be to get signal at a festival.) So even if you were too lazy to find a real toilet and got lost in the wilderness you’ll still be able to find your way home.

The Kickstarter campaign goes live today and if you want to get involved just follow the link below!


Now all we need to do is find a smartphone with a battery life longer than ten seconds.

Ella Guthrie @ellasadiee