Michael Woods - Ministry of Sound!

House | Monday 12th August 2013 | Keshav

Michael Woods - Ministry of Sound!

Describing Michael Woods in a nutshell can be very difficult indeed. The British producer has stamped his name on most of Electronic music’s biggest hits. Since beginning in 1999 he is certainly not inexperienced when it comes to the genre and having played shows around the world, is one of the most respected producers in the industry. Big hits such as ‘Clanga’ , ‘Platinum Chains’ and ‘No Access’ are some of his biggest solo projects and have gained him international recognition.

Woods production is impeccable and his sound defined.  ‘ Clanga’ is an explosion of sound with a brilliant beat. As the track starts to speed up the drop is sure to send enthusiastic party goers wild. This quite literally is clanger ( in the best possible way). The progressive house element along with powerful vocals kick in and when they do the track reaches a new level. Add this to any DJ set and the dancefloor is set to be buzzing all night long.

For a DJ commercial success is hard to come by. For Woods however it was something he achieved in 2001. The DJ achieved a number 1 in the UK club charts with debut single ‘Warrior’. Putting his own spin on hits such as Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ and most recently Armin Van Heldens ‘You don’t know me’ has also elevated his profile.

He has teamed up with a whole host of large name DJ’s on his travels. Globetrotting around the world can be difficult but when you have someone like Woods on the decks who constantly brings the party then you have nothing to worry about.  He is currently doing a mammoth European tour and has just played a great show at  Ministry in London . He's just released a video tour diary of his antics round the world. Check it out below !


Keshav Kapoor