Disclosure : Essential Mix

RnB/Hip Hop | Monday 12th August 2013 | Keshav

This Friday the UK’s hottest act Disclosure took the essential mix decks. The brothers from Ryegate are predominantly a live act focssing on playing instruments and are not heavily known for their DJ mixes. After this mix however they should be. 2 hours of brilliantly chosen music ranging from Hip – hop , Electronica and even dubstep.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they got asked to play a few more DJ sets after this performance. Everything they seem to touch at the moment turns to gold as 2013 just seems to get better and better for them:

Incredible debut album: Check

Played the UK’s biggest festivals? : Check

Incredible Live? : Check

Hottest UK act? : Check 

Best Essential Mix of the Year ? : Check

What’s next?….. Disclosure are not only making there mark in the UK but the world this juggernaut is only set to keep on getting bigger!

Keshav Kapoor