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Other | Tuesday 6th August 2013 | Laura

Earlier this week, Guestlist pounced at the chance to check out the latest craze in tea, at Milk Tea & Pearl in Shoreditch. When we arrived, we were greeted with a colourful, bright, friendly environment where the pleasant staff offered us the choice to sit indoors or outdoors in the sunshine. Although it was sunny, we didn't trust London's unpredictable weather and sat inside to get a real feel of the place. Once we sat down we had three different flavours of bubble tea to try; Assam Black Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls, Scarlet Honey Oolong Tea with Grape Jelly and Passion Fruit Green Tea with Mango Pubbles. Just three from amongst the wide variety of tea selections they have to offer.
Each of these delicious drinks were priced at £3.50
There are seven different toppings to choose from so you are spoilt for choice!
The 7 toppings you can choose from are:
Tapioca Pearls 
Lychee Jelly
Tutti Frutti Jelly
Juice Pobbles 
Angel Jelly
Demon Jelly 
The first drink we tried was the Assam Black Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls which is the classic option for those who don't want to be too adventurous. It's a milky flavour with a twist as the Tapioca Pearls play on the concept of traditional tea with a funky Taiwanese edge. This simple spin on a classic tea will ease you into the growing culture and taste that Milk Tea & Pearl delights us with. 
The second bubble tea we were lucky enough to sample was the Scarlett Honey Oolong Tea with Grape Jelly, a drink for the daring and adventurous amongst us who want to push the boundaries of their tea knowledge and drinking! This drink was an unusual combination which surprisingly worked very well. The Scarlett Honey leaves you with a tingly mouth and a has a sweet aftertaste which gives you a kick that leaves you wanting more.
The third and final tea that we tasted was the Passion Fruit Green Tea with Mango Pubbles, one of the most popular choice across the whole drinks menu. The absence of milk creates a fruity flavour and texture that is ideal for a hot summers day. The mango bubbles burst in your mouth, perfectly complimenting the passion fruit and was definately our favourite on the day! 
Each drink can also be customised to accommodate customer's preference for example the level of sweetness or cream so you can make the drink perfect for you.
If we haven't convinced you yet, you can make up your own mind by popping into one of the two stores in Shoreditch or Oxford Circus.
Go and get your Taiwanese bubble tea today!
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