Madeon Is Back!

House | Monday 5th August 2013 | Keshav

Madeon Returns With New Single 'Technicolour'

It seems everyone loves Madeon. Last year the youngster took the electronic world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. With big hits such as ‘Pop Culture’ and ‘Icarus’ behind him, the anticipation for his debut release has officially reached fever pitch. A few weeks ago, he released a teaser trailer for a new track entitled ‘Technicolor’. The 30 second clip left fans on the edge as it cut out just before the drop. However, on 3rd August it was officially received to a world wide rapturous reception. The song highlights the Frenchman’s raw talent. As it progresses, the elaborate and complex beats make for a 6minute extravaganza. If this album wasn’t anticipated enough already, then this release will have fans biting their nails even more. As for all the Madeon doubters, in the words of the kid himself, ‘Anyone hating any genre of music simply doesn't know the context in which it's meant to be enjoyed’…

Keshav Kapoor