5 Of The Hottest Indie Tracks You May Have Missed This Week

Friday 2nd August 2013 | Cameron

5 Of The Hottest Indie Tracks You May Have Missed This Week

1. Saint Motel - My Type

LA four-piece Saint Motel's new single 'My Type' is an explosive and vibrant carnivalesque party-hit that is too good to ignore. The songs distinctive jazzy horn motif keeps the song grooving from beat one until the very end, wildly accompanying the tracks colourful guitars, tropical percussion and smooth, chanting vocals. I will give you 10 seconds before you fall in love with this!


2. Polarsets - Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet

Signed to the brilliant Kitsuné Label (Two Door Cinema Club), Newcastle's Polarsets are creating summery, fidgety, indie-pop that will make you want to dance. The complex synth textures on new single 'Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet' are accompanied perfectly by energetic guitars, pumping drums and a ludicrously catchy chorus that will inevitably be circling around your head days.


3. London Grammar - Hey Now (Hanami Bootleg)

London Grammar have been remixed massively over the past six months, however, almost none of the remix attempts I've heard have come anywhere close to matching the high standards of their originals. That is until I heard Hanami's Bootleg version of 'Hey Now', a trickling, chilled-out version of the trio's debut single. Capturing the songs mesmerising energy, Hanami distributes the singles dark intensity admirably. 


4. Society - 14 Hours

After the release of Society's debut single 'All That We've Become' almost a year ago, fans have been patiently awaiting a new single. As time went on, Society almost turned into the stuff of myths and legend, but suddenly yesterday we were finally treated with a second single, '14 Hours'. With a dreamy, hip-hop vibe, '14 hours' is a fantastic amalgamation of spooky samples, strings and choirs that sound absolutely ace. 


5. FMLYBND - Electricity

FMLYBND's 'Electricity' is all about the humongous synths. Loud and proud, 'Electricity' is a true head-banger that sounds like something in-between MGMT and CHVRCHES, which is a very enticing prospect. This sounds like summer. 

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