And Vinyly Offers A Life In Music From Beyond The Grave

Other | Tuesday 30th July 2013 | Cameron

And Vinyly Offer To Immortalise Humans Beings In Vinyl

(Bizarre Story Alert)

Have you ever thought that music ran through your bones? Well... thanks to a company called And Vinyly, that concept could actually become possible in a slightly sinister, roundabout way.

And Vinyly claims to provide the "perfect resting place for vinyl lovers", offering music obsessors the chance to have their ashes pressed into "a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations". 

Using the catchphrase "Live on from beyond the groove", And Vinyly's tongue and cheek mentality is met with a serious side as they genuinely offer a range of post-death arrangements for certain people who want to live on through music. The company will press your ashes into 30 records that contain 24 minutes of music (12 mins per side) and offer album artwork with your name, d.o.b. & d.o.d. on it, all for a fee of £3000.

If the cemetery sounds a little boring for you in the 21st Century, why not check out And Vinyly's packages here... (it's worth it for the hilarious Grim Reaper styled website if anything)


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