James Blunt Accidentally Emails The Entire UK New Single

Monday 29th July 2013 | Cameron

James Blunt Emails Entire UK

Often the butt of music industry jokes, singer-songwriter James Blunt has walked (in tremendous style I must add) into a whole lot more social antagonism by emailing virtually the entire of the UK announcing the release of his brand new single 'Bonfire Heart'.

The nationwide spamming has been blamed on a huge technical gaffe by his record label, with the personal email spammed to millions rather than a select special few.

Addressed "Dear friend", the lyrical email goes a little like this...

“So… just for you… Here’s the first single from my new album…! It’s called Bonfire Heart, and the first time it will be broadcast on the airwaves will be on BBC Radio 2 at around 11am (GMT) this morning and later today in mainland Europe… So it’s all yours till then! The song is about love, life, fear and hope… and more than anything, you… and me..."

The creepy email was met with confused responses by many members of the public, with one person tweeting “If you receive an email with a link to the new James Blunt single, don't click on it. It's a link to the new James Blunt single!”

A spokesperson for Blunt stated that the mass mail-out was down to a "clerical error" as the email was accidentally sent out to mailing lists for other Warner Music artists and not just Blunt's own fans.

Blunt did however see the funny side of the blunder tweeting, "Oops... Just emailed the whole of the UK by mistake! Ha".

Although the gaffe has annoyed some, it has had spectacular effects on the singles visibility, propelling 'Bonfire Heart' into the limelight as it nears almost 50,000 soundcloud plays in just half a day.  

If you desire, listen to the new single below...

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