Hand picked jungle smashers from Murdock

Drum and Bass | Saturday 26th January 2019 | Arren

Murdock’s top jungle picks.

Murdock has been tearing it up for over two decades now, and he doesn’t look like he’s slowing down any time soon. He’s got tunes on almost all the major labels, makes appearances at most of the festivals and is founder of the insane Rampage.

He’s just dropped his latest on Viper, Different Way / Rock Hard. It’s a two tracker that nicely follows up Murdock’s last two ventures on the label. On the A-Side, ‘Different Way’ Murdock features the legendary vocals of Errol Dunkley - he’s the man behind reggae tune ‘Little Way Different’ that was sampled loads in jungle’s early days. The reggae star re-sung the iconic lyrics for Murdock’s take on the beat.

Over on the flip side is a dancefloor trasher. ‘Rock Hard’ pretty much lives up to it’s name. High energy, bold sounds and big room vibes pack out the tune which will no doubt be a firm favourite on the floors.

Murdock’s latest single on Viper revisits a jungle classic, but we’ve been wondering what jungle tracks ain’t left his crates. He’s sorted this sick list of jungle smashers, showing off a few bits from his collection. No surprises, the Rampage founder goes in, sharing 5 mad jungle beats.

Original Nutta - Shy FX & UK Apache

"This is one of two tracks that introduced me to jungle music. I was mixing sped up hip hop instrumentals with techno sounds and dancehall, when I learned that people in the UK were light years ahead of me. A few weeks later Shy FX came down to Brussels with a whole gang of DJs and MCs to tear up a local venue and that was it for me. Jungle music for life!"

The Burial - Leviticus

"This is the other track that got me hooked and only a few years ago, I learned this was an alias of JJ Frost, one of V Recs godfathers, which ended up being my favourite label ever. The funky bassline in this, the rough dancehall bars, the humming background vocals… second to none. Well granted, maybe to ‘Original Nutta’!"

Unda Mu Sensi (X Project Remix) - Barrington Levy & Beenie Man

"I have so many versions of this remix, but the vocal one on the Greensleeves 12” is still the one for me. Classic track by Barrington Levy, with Beenie Man added and Rebel MC aka Congo Natty doing adding all the breaks and subbass the track could take. Also special mention for ‘Jah Sunshine’, another Congo Natty track I used to play a lot, especially when the sun started to come up when we were still in the club dancing."

The Dreamer - Dr S Gachet & Audio Maze

"The licious pads, the female garage vocals, all the right breaks, the dubbass… both the Nookie and the Dr S Gachet remix have all the elements of a classic jungle tune. I’ve played both mixes uncountable times, picking one mix or the other depending on what vibe I was going for. Also, Nookie launched the original foghorn sound in this one, didn’t he? Boh!"

The Step - Wax Doctor

"I don’t know if this is technically considered to be still from the jungle era but Wax Doctor created something really special with this one. The way he let the beats breath, almost literally with that “oh yeeeaahh” in there, was extraordinary. That trademark build up, and then… full on amen assault. Smashing!"

"Can I just add a few extra shout outs to the early Roni Size stuff (Days! Fashion! All The Crew!), the Ganja Kru tracks (Super Sharp Shooter!), Dillinja tracks on Philly Blunt, No-U-Turn (Bludclot Artattack! Torque!) and Suburban Base Records (Dubplate Style! Killa Sound!). There are just too many to mention, so many classic jams from that era…!"

Murdock’s latest single Different Way / Rock Hard is out now on Viper - Buy

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