Alex Dolby's Fault System is a techno masterclass

House | Monday 14th January 2019 | Arren

Alex Dolby’s latest album is a work of magic.

He’s dropped his fourth studio album, Fault System - a masterclass in all things Dolby and Affekt. He goes in with a ruthless 10 tracked LP that features quality selection of heavy techno cuts. Two sick soundscapes open and close the piece with a range of uplifting, experimental and spacey cuts such as ‘The Day After’ and ‘Standard Process’ and of course upfront bangers including ‘The Afghan Express’ and the title track ‘Fault System’. Quality techno from a quality producer, though don't take our word for it take a listen below.

Growing up in the 90s, during the height of Rome's rave scene, Alex Dolby developed his love and taste for techno. Taking influence from a range of figureheads, it was from the early 2010s when Alex Dolby, his label Affekt Recordings and his club Affekt Club have been unleashing raw, hypnotic techno cuts for all the techno heads worldwide. Dolby’s love for rough and ready beats sprinkled with analogue sounds has meant he’s been a regular on the scene and his music output featured on a range of top labels including ARTS, Mirco.fon & Intacto.

Alex Dolby’s Fault System is out now on Affekt Recordings - Buy

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