ADE Guestlist Playlist Special From Genre-bending Producer IMANU

Drum and Bass | Monday 16th October 2023 |

With only a few days left before ADE kicks off their 2023 edition, Guestlist caught up with rising bass and electronic producer IMANU to grab an exclusive Guesltlist playlist ahead of his ADE showcase "Paradise" which features an exciting and bass heavy lineup with artists Buunshin, LaMeduza, Sicaria, The Caracal Project, The Glitch Mob and Visages. 


IMANU has been rather busy as of late with a new genre-bending EP set for release in October and a new single ‘Aching (On A High)’ featuring Montreal based vocalist Lia that dropped on 15th September. The track itself is an uptempo groove and is complimented by Lia’s dulcet tones as the track’s synth soundscape intensifies, building into a euphoric climax.


Established late 2019, the IMANU project follows an already impressive chapter in drum & bass. Rising to the spotlight at the age of just 16 under his former alias, Signal, with his highly distinctive and technical brutalist style, IMANU has developed his presence on the scene as one of the greats. Now in his 20s, he’s already had releases on significant labels such as Deadbeats, UKF and VISION. He's remixed the likes of Apashe, TOKiMONSTA and What So Not & Skrillex and already collaborated with the likes of Noisia, KUČKA, Pham and josh pan. IMANU released his debut EP “UNFOLD” on Deadbeats in 2022, and has over 6 million streams on Spotify alone.


Music aside, the fashion-forward producer has also recently launched his own sustainable streetwear brand 14SAINTDENIS, taking inspiration from his tours all over the world.




Im Fine - The quintessential imanu track. the track that changed my life and still continues to! i think it captures the essense of my house side of things quite well - unique in its melodic content, and bridging a gap between traditional club house and alt pop.


Antireal - I first heard this track in a glitch mob set the night i first met them, and told my friends that i had to run to the middle of the crowd and dance. if this doesnt get you moving, i dont know what will!


Stone Cold - My good friend felix's most recently release. he kills it with the vocals he does on his own productions these days and im more than proud of him!


I Think I Feel - Another "anthem" from my long time homeboy ferry - love the arrangement on this one! choppy chords always sit well with me :)


Collider (The Glitch Mob Remix) - The original is one of my favourite noisia tracks and this remix definitely doesnt disappoint! Putting a classic rave twist on the original really works well in my opinion!


Es Tu Reel - My collaboration with lameduza off of my unfold album. Love the way she blends french with english with her angelic voice, a nice nod to our french backgrounds!


Lour - i have a real soft spot for this style of dubstep! i used to make some (really badly, so nobody is ever going to hear this) years and years ago and it just does so well for me in the club!


Dream Sequence - my collaboration with the glitch mob! it was so fun to mess around on their modular rig, and we kinda wrapped this one up pretty fast! hectic bass and breaks arrangement with a somewhat dubstep formula :)


Hardware - one of the most rinsed dubstep tracks around the time it came out, it blends grime with dubstep so extremely well. amazing performance from both MCs paired with really good production, what's not to like?


Aching - my most recent collaboration with lia - i absolutely adore her vocal performance on this and i will always think she is one of the most underrated singers i know. absolutely gorgeous voice paired with fantastic lyrics and performance!

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