5 Sisters Doing It For Themselves

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 8th March 2017 | Ben

Inspired by International Women's Day, here are, in no particular order, 5 very different, young female artists who are making big moves with their music and are each very difficult to stop listening to. 

Jorja Smith

At only 19, hailing from Walsall of all places, the soulful Smith is quickly becoming a major performer on the British scene. Touring the U.K. at the beginning of April, with Drake listed as a fan, this year is already becoming hers. After all she did make the BBC’s sound of 2017. Today, she released visuals to accompany her new Great Gatsby inspired song.


Stefflon Don

Also named on the sound of 2017 list, Stefflon Don has to be one of the most exciting artists around at the moment. Born in Birmingham but based in London and having grown up in Holland, her Real Ting Mixtape has rightly received high praise and she is booked on for a number of summer festivals. Her popular bashment infused grime style has already resulted in a sold out show at Tape London in April and well over 1 million views in under a fortnight for her ‘16 shots’ music video.



Chicago based poet Noname produces soothing hip-hop with an important message. Making guest appearances on tracks with Chance the Rapper amongst others, I for one am hoping for her to blow. On her debut mixtape Telefone her lyrics create incredible imagery, particularly on Bye Bye Baby.


Cardi B

Coming straight out the Bronx, NYC, is a rapper mostly known in the U.S but is getting love over here too. Her outlandish videos along with her frank lyrics and the fact she endorsed Bernie Sanders perhaps explain her ever-growing fan base. The former stripper, who now has a huge social media following, juggles making music with being a reality TV star. Her music speaks for itself as her aptly named recent mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 proves, with Rollin being a particular highlight.



OSHUN are a duo, also from New York, making a refreshing sound that couldn’t be more different to Cardi B’s. At only 21, both are probably by now tired of the comparisons to Lauryn Hill but it's a just compliment. OSHUN is the name of a West African Goddess, who Beyonce channelled in her visuals for Lemonade. They are yet to play in the U.K but if they take off in the states it will surely only be a matter of time. The pair have a new track coming out soon entitled Not My President but for now let this enlighten your ears.


Happy listening!