Is 'Kanye Quest 3030' The New Pokémon Of Our Generation?

Friday 26th July 2013 | Cameron

Kanye West Has Brand New Video Game Created In His Honour

Surrounding the release of Yeezus, Kanye West has been all over the news; however, amongst the many ridiculous stories you might have heard about the man, this has to be by far the funniest and most bizarre of them all. 

Quite how this game even exists I don't know, but Kanye West is now the subject of a 2-D, Pokémon-styled video game thanks to indie developer Phenix. The game entitled 'Kanye Quest 3030' sees the rapper accidently travel through time to the year 3030, emerging in a dystopian city filled with the clones of hip-hop musicians of the past, controlled by a god-like dictator. The aim of the game is to defeat these clones and return Kanye safely back home to his present superstar life and of course Kim Kardashian and baby North. 

Travelling through a dystopian San Francisco, your 2-D Kanye will get the chance to battle hip-hop legends like Jay Z, Ice Cube, The Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Nas, Snoop Lion and many more of rap and hip-hop's huge legends. In each rap-battle you will get the chance to diss opponents, brag about your accomplishments and use slick production techniques to beat each hip-hop idol before reaching the final boss. Forget playing COD or FIFA, this is the new big game in town.

After the success of Yeezus, the honour of his own role-playing game might just be the icing on the cake for Kanye.

If you like the sound of this dystopian science fiction / music mash-up, you can download the game for free here!

You can also watch the game's trailer below. 

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