J Majik's Infrared Records at forefront of Classic Rave revival

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 4th December 2018 | Tom

2018 has been a year that has marked a notable resurgence in the Old-school Jungle sound. 

The use of vinyl trading mediums like Discogs have created a demand for exclusive new material and it seems that the sleeping giants of the Deep Jungle and Old-School Rave scenes have been awoken. Producers from the original era have been rummaging through attics and storage units nationwide in an attempt to unearth project DATs containing unreleased musical gems to give the 2018 “HD” treatment, much in the same way that classic Holywood blockbusters are given a 4K mastering in the film industry.

One label that has routed itself firmly at the forefront of the rebirth of the Deep Jungle/Oldschool Rave scene is J Majik's Drum and Bass behemoth Infrared Records. 2018 has marked Infrared Record's reincarnation with the label's new modus operandi of attempting to put out original classic material from some of their most exciting producers from back when the rave scene was in it's infancy. Finding music that was long forgotten and thought to never see the light of day, the team at Infrared have been busy sifting trough DAT after DAT in an attempt at finding, reviving and putting out some of the most exclusive content you will ever hear from the Rave scenes original pioneers. 


The month sees the release of Infrared's 6th project since their turnabout, “Hold Tight” and “Mystic Dreams” by Adam F. One of the producers from the very heart of the original Old school Rave movement and a man who should need no introduction to anyone who is a true patron of the Drum and Bass scene of today. The creator of absolutely essential Drum and Bass listening like “Metropolis”, “Brand New Funk” and “Circles” with releases on labels like Metalheadz, V Recordings and Breakbeat Chaos to his name. Having previously worked with names like LL Cool J, Redman and Fresh, Adam F is someone who has managed to reach the enviable position of being able to boast a reputation that reaches far beyond just the confines of the UK Drum and Bass movement.

Hold Tight begins with twinkling atmospheres and classic rave chords which lead into tinny hats and vocal samples “hold ting, hold tight” then amen drum loops and a sleng-esque bass line ensue, taking the listener happily back to the days of M25 convoys, Doves, and iconic illegal raves like Exodus.



Mystic Dreams is a slightly darker journey. Industrial atmospheres and soundscapes lead into vintage rave harmonics and reverse drum loops that guide the listener through to a breakdown of chiming background notes and female vocal stabs that explode into amens and a heavy 808 bassline which rumbles throughout the track offering a gritty contract to its euphoric chords and breaks.


Hold Tight and Mystic Dreams are available now form the Infrared Bandcamp link here.