Nucleus & Paradox give Guestlist their top 5 MOST INFLUENTIAL TRACKS

Drum and Bass | Monday 26th November 2018 | Tom


Dave Sims and Dev Pandya aka Nucleus and Paradox are a duo with a combined 50 years plus of musical pedigree between them. Their story dates back to the very foundation of the rave scene with roots laying deep entangled in the emerging Hip Hop and Jungle scenes of the early 1990s.

As testiment to their longevity and ability to remain relevent within the ever evolving beast we call Drum and Bass in 2018 this week sees the duo's sixth outing on Goldie's world renowned electronica powerhouse Metalheadz with “Acropia/Azha”. Some of their most definitive work to date and a very suitable follow up to the pairs magnificent 2017 smash hit the “Wrath EP”. 

Guestlist caught up with Nucleus and Paradox this week ahead of the release to discuss the top 5 tracks that have influenced each of their sounds over their long spanning industrious musical journeys so far. 




Larry Youngs Fuel - Turn Off The Lights

Classic rare groove tune, I first heard it on the RCA 'Rare' compilation. Amazing bassline, keyboards and vocals. The rest of the LP is wicked as well.


DSM - Warrior Groove

From the UK jazz funk label that brought you Atmosfear. I remember this electro proto house tune from 85 at 'Whispers' the local club in Harlow. Sunday night was called 'Poppers' and they played mostly 80's soul but also a lot of Electro. There were breaking battles going off everywhere with crews coming down from London for competitions (1st prize was a ZX Spectrum computer) It was like the Roxy to me, I was about 12 at the time.


Aleem - Release Yourself (Dub)

One of my all time favourite electro tunes. Love the Aleems productions, featuring the amazing Leroy Burgess on vocals as well.


Ragga Twins - Hooligan 69

I first heard this at Dungeons Leighbridge Rd outside in the yard as sun came up. Raw breaks, bass and bleeps it stood out from the other tunes and sounded very London. I also remember being in the tunnels hearing loops of breaks being played over house tunes, Sweet Pea from the Skool breaks LP and Juice Crew Law dub played on 45.


Carl Cox - Success N Effect

This reminds me of Telepathy at Marshgate lane. Its a Carl Cox live 3 deck mix with early use of Amen in a rave tune. Love the B-side as well and just saw it was produced by Basement Phil.




Geneside II - Narra Mine

1991 was the year we bought this 12" and its the best example of early hardcore jungle with the ragga and female vocal combination. Timeless.


Photek - The Seventh Samurai

The only one that knows how to shift reverse breaks in-time.


Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane

Drum & Bass in 1989 almost. This funk break in the Wrath of Kane was used on our Metalheadz release 'Wrath' - an ode to the number.


Future Bound - Blue Mist

I'd say this influenced a lot of Alaska ambient jungle material so hat's off to Future Bound.


Aquarius - Drift to the Centre

Film / speech samples are basically sample-etiquette to me all day long. Done very well.



Nucleus and Paradox's latest Metalheadz outing “Acropia” and “Azha” is available now from the Metalheadz online store here 


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