Get to know the UK's first cannabis restaurant

Other | Monday 19th November 2018 | Becky

The Canna Kitchen will be the UK's first ever Cannabis infused restaurant. The Herbal Vegan and Vegetarian menu will showcase CBD dishes such as za'atar roast cauliflower, hemp heart tabbouleh, smoked aubergine and sesame cavolo nero. 

The key ingredient in most of The Canna Kitchens offerings is cannabis compound cannabidiol, which is actually legal in the UK, but unfortunately won't get you high if that's what you're thinking.

The founder states that he has been working with hemp for years and says that his food will be infused with the healing properties of CBD served amongst British seasonal vegetables with a world twist on the flavours.

He wants to change misconceptions around weed by introducing it to people in a form they may not have encountered before describing the plant as a nutritionally complete human food source that has a host of therapeutic benefits.

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