Manudigital is back with triumphant second album

Reggae | Friday 16th November 2018 | Annalisa

The beatmaker, bassist and producer is back with a second album. Dropping on Dec 5th, Manudigital delivers on ‘Bass Attack’ an album which explores new styles of dub and bass music. His sound is rooted in soundsystem, bass and dancehall but as always he provides a with a contemporary spin that any younger reggae fans of our digital age will connect with and has been a winning formula so far; his first album Digital Pixel lead him to perform at more than 150 shows across 27 countries.

Bass Attack features explosive collaborations with veteran MCs such as General Degree, Red Fox and Junior Cat, plus the inimitable Skarra Mucci, Solo Banton, Soom T and Cali P, the French Taiwan MC and Panda Dub and English drum & bass pioneer, Ed Solo so there's a little magic in there for everyone.