Boy in the Basement launch Producer Cuts Vol 3

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 24th October 2018 | Osh

When it's time to warm up for the weekend, you need bass. London based, Boy in the Basement, have just dropped their new EP Basement Dubs Producer Cuts Vol 3 and boy, is it bassy. 

Boy in the Basement are a production team from London formed by Marly Marl and Justanyguy. The two have spent a number of years in British Dance Music through Marly being a prolific DJ with DnB camp Metalheadz, forming his BEST OF THE BEST collective and touring around the globe. Justanyguy has spent many years in the studio producing and engineering for the likes of RCA, Universal and releasing different styles of bass music for various UK underground labels.

Having kicked off a massive year with a collection of big dancefloor bangers, Basement Dubs is a slighlty different concept form the Boy in the Basement crew bringing the raw, uncut, anything goes in the studio vibe to the releases. This new EP honours that philosophy bringing flavours from all corners of electronic dance and bass together in one release. London is known for its mixing of cultures to create something completely unique and this EP is that London sound with a little added hotsauce. 

Kicking off the EP is Bury That, a high energy bass in your face track with catchy hook that you are sure to hear out a lot over the next few months. Lose The Plot is another big catchy hook and dirty break down with a high energy bounce throughout that's balanced skillfully to keep you vibing from start to finish.

International, starts out with a completely different vibe. Mixing melodic housy sounds to a break down with a nice nod to jungle and drum and bass, this has got to be our favourite from the EP. 

​If you're looking for something to get you in the party mood, this is it.

Listen to full EP on Spotify below.


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