Get Reanimated with Mindscape's hardest album yet

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 17th October 2018 | Arren

Mindscape’s album is exactly how we expected…. Hard AF.

The tech fuelled beast from Hungary has dropped his 4th album. A leading name from the Eatbrain camp, his devastating beats just keep firing out and ripping the clubs apart.

After months of tunes trickling through the full length of Mindscape’s Reanimator has finally landed, with serious impact. 15 tracks of savage neurofunk has been cooked up by one of the sub genres seminal producers, resulting with an unrelenting arsenal of sound. Classic mind bending techniques get thrown around like nothing as titanium drums pound in absolute precision, and don’t get us started about those basslines.

Heavy hitting beats such as 'Burner', 'Cookie Cutter' and 'Necropolis' form a ground zero for this album. Though Mindscape can still fire harder, and once those drums in 'Meltdown' kick off you'll know what we mean. It's not all tech injected sounds, handing their vocal talents over is a range of quality MCs including Coppa, Kryptomedic and Miss Trouble. This is an album that goes hard till the very end before signing off with the trippy ‘Method In Madness’, which seems aptle cos if this album hasn’t sent you mad, were you really listening!

Mindscape’s Reanimator is out now on Eatbrain - Buy

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