Filterheadz drop some classic style Techno on Hollen's Prospect Records

House | Wednesday 26th September 2018 |

Belgian duo the Filterheadz have for many years been major players in the world of techno.

They recently dropped a new single on Prospect Records run by HollenTitled “Hyperdrive”, the track is an old school fusion of looped percussion with industrial hits and a powerful vocal sample. Those timeless elements common to techno have a switch up in the breakdown where uplifting pads change the mood.

The almost instant contrast in the breakdown is something common with ‘90s style tracks, and it’s the structure which gives the track its old-school sound, as it’s huge in comparison to the slower blends in many modern techno takes.

There is something to be said about the dance floor impact of a sudden and almost unannounced switch up, as it’s a tried and tested trick arguably lost in the clean-cut modern sound.

Showing their veteran talents here, the Filterheadz certainly know how to work a dance floor, and this is no exception. For the people who prefer a further techno twist in the tale, American artist Barbuto has refined the original with slow-building tension that hits like a freight train when it drops after the main break.

Pick up a copy of their fresh release HERE