Strap down your speakers, No Concept deliever this lyrically heavy playlist

Drum and Bass | Thursday 13th September 2018 | Arren

Following the madness of their latest tune with Bizarre, No Concept drop us their top 5 MC featuring tracks.

No Concept, two guys who’ve made a home at Technique Recordings are once again dropping bombs. They’ve already created a buzz with BBC Radio 1 airtime, slots at the big events; Let It Roll & fabriclive to having their beats repped by dnb a-lists. It’s fair to say these guys are smashing it.

Despite their success they ain’t letting that slow them down, and that was clear with their latest release - Weirdo. Receiving lyrical back up from D12’s Bizarre. No Concept unleash another big room cracker, guaranteed to get wheel ups wherever it’s played.

Weirdo is out now, get it exclusively at Beatport.

Following Weirdo’s huge release, we’ve got the No Concept pair to fix us up a cheeky playlist of their top 5 MC featuring tracks. As expected they’ve smashed it, if you like your drum & bass with a little lyrical flavour than get these bad boys in your playlists now!

Noisia - Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars)

“The mix of Foreign Beggars UK Hip Hop influences with the super heavy sound Noisia was rocking at the time was an absolutely deadly combo. These guys did a lot of awesome stuff together but this is a real standout belter we think everyone will remember from this era. The video for this was almost as sick as the tune itself too!”

Murdock & James Marvel - The Riddler (feat. MC Mota)

“I'm sure we all saw the videos of this shelling down Rampage this year! MC Mota's signature baritone voice adds an extra level of aggro to this one making for an absolute slammer.”

Tantrum Desire - Anarchist (feat. Rhymestar)

“This whole EP was really strong but having the addition of Rhymestars slick vocals on this one added the icing on the cake. A nice bit of straight up, high energy DJ ammo this one.”

Icicle - Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC)

”There was a time where you couldn't go to a dnb night without this being dropped and it would always go off! Props are due to Phace for putting out a huge remix too.”

Rockwell - Inventor (feat Flowdan)

”Flowdan is a bit of an OG in the UK scene and in our opinion, he really can do no wrong, especially when it comes to darker tunes like this one! We're both big fans of Rockwell too, with his outside the box approach to production you never know what to expect.”

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