Hero dies saving children trapped in cave in Thailand

Other | Friday 6th July 2018 | Madeline

Fifteen young children were trapped in a cave in Thailand with their football coach on June 23rd for over 13 days.

After football training, the team had decided to explore the Tham Luaug Nang Non cave but they had soon become trapped when water levels started rising. 

During the planned evacuation of the children and their coach oxygen levels dropped drastically, which meant that there was a limited time to rescue the team, as they were now in dire need of bottles of oxygen.

However, to get to the cave it would take a seasoned diver a six-hour dive and another five hours to return, at this point most of the football team was malnourished and exhausted and time was of the essence.

 Saman Kunan

 A pumping system was put in place to remove several million litres of water, the equivalent of over 50 swimming pools. This allowed two Thai navy seal divers to place air tanks along the route the boys were at, replenishing the cave's air supply. Unfortunately, Saman Kunan, one of the divers run out of oxygen on his way back and died.

With the whole football team now safe and sound,  the duo's heroic and selfless actions will never be forgotten.