Enter Killbox's Pleasure Palace if you dare

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 20th June 2018 | Arren

Killbox tear things apart in their latest, Pleasure Palace.

Ever since Ed Rush & Audio combined minds for the Killbox project, drum & bass gained a titanic force to rain down sickness. Their stream of releases hasn’t slowed and they’ve continually supplied the goodies for raw, energic drum & bass heads everywhere.

Now this next piece of work from them is their biggest yet, a stellar 14 tracked LP. Razor-sharp beats, atomic drops and immense build ups are on full display as these two veterans of the scene add another epic milestone to their impressive credentials.

The album gained traction before it was release with tunes like ‘Neverwhere’, ‘Clickbait’ & ‘Cousin of Zilch’ making their way into some of the biggest sets. The whole release has finally landed, given selectors even more fire to reach for.

Straight up power oozes in tracks ‘Real World’, ‘Troll Eater’ & ‘Shoreditch Shuffle’. Low level rollers ‘GoldFoot’ & ‘Delete Profile’ plough though while straight up stompers ‘Witchfinder’ & ‘Kutz’ leave their mark. This album builds on everything these two have been releasing since their first coming together. This album is not to be missed if you like things heavy and dark.

Pleasure Palace by Killbox if out now on Ram Records - Buy

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