Slaves Release “Cut and Run”: The Punk’s Macarena

Indie | Sunday 17th June 2018 | Zakk

“Cut and Run”, the first release from the Kent duo since their 2016 album, Take Control, has been released alongside a music video that sees Isaac and Laurie dressed as though they’re in the next 118-118 advert.  

The music video sees the pair in a dance studio performing a choreographed routine, and have posted the steps on their social media platforms, presumably in the hope that swathes of tartan-clad fans can learn and enact at their upcoming shows over the summer.

So far it seems to be working, as the band has posted fan submissions of the routine on their Instagram stories.

“Cut and Run” is the first single from Slaves’ upcoming third album, a punchy 3-minute punk belter that’ll have you throwing shapes with more enthusiasm than an uncle at a wedding.