5 Reasons to visit Dubai

Friday 19th July 2013 | Khadija


Dubai, known as the city of gold, will definitely leave a mark on the traveller. Every visit has newer sights to behold and sinful delights to explore and Dubai is not a 'one visit' destination; it is a city filled with surprises! With everything from artifical ski slopes to glorious beaches, Dubai is a city that will let you experience the world in just one day.


1. Architecture -

In the past decade, Dubai embarked on major landscape and architectural development. Home to the Burj Al-Khalifa Tower (named after Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates), Burj Al-Arab and the Emirates tower, Dubai has witnessed revolutionary architectural wonders in the past decade. The city is also filled with many more skyscrapers, each different from the other, leaving tourists with a lasting impression. Even their underground stations are impeccably stylish! If that’s not enough, the first moving building in the world is to be built in Dubai.

2. Beaches -

Temperatures are as high as 40 degrees, and with Dubai’s coastline you should expect to see plenty of white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Beaches vary from public beaches to either female or mixed beaches, as well as private beaches offering watersports for hotels situated on the coast, offering the perfect place to relax after an exhausting week of sightseeing, shopping and partying. The Jumeirah Beach, the Wollongong Beach and the Jebel Ali Beach are a compulsory must among the things to do in Dubai. 

3. Desert Safari -

Dubai’s desert is highly recommended for those of you that are adventurous. Camel riding, dune-bashing and sand-surfing are among a few of the many available activities. Enjoy a desert safari followed by a traditional arabic evening with tea and coffee, shisha, belly dancing and a barbeque buffet at one of the desert camps.

4. Shopping -

This Emirate is a shopping haven, as Dubai alone is filled with more than a dozen shopping centres. Dubai Mall, at 12 million square feet, is the world’s largest shopping centre, and it is located next to the Burj Al-Khalifa.

Present day souks give tourists an insight on the Dubai’s trade history. From jewellery and gold, to food, textiles and furniture, the souks are filled with many promising items you are sure to bring back with you. Expect to be bombarded by locals, although it is still worth the trip! 

5. Nightlife -

As a cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers one of the most prestige nightlifes through a range of bars, clubs and lounges. Places such as Jumeirah & Al Barsha in New Dubai, and Deira in Bur Dubai are considered to be the main party districts. The majority of the bars serving alcohol are situated in hotels, however, and you must be 21 or over to purchase drinks. Thursdays and Fridays are actually the weekend in Dubai, and Tuesday is recognised as 'ladies night', offering women free entrances to bars and clubs!


By Khadija Abd