Courtney Barnett brings deadpan garage rock to the Roundhouse!

Indie | Tuesday 29th May 2018 | David

With two critically acclaimed, top 20 albums under her belt (three if you count last year’s Kurt Vile collaboration Lotta Sea Lice), Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett is now set to play one night at the Roundhouse.

The Melbourne-based garage rock songstress generated buzz back in 2013 for her 'Avant Gardener' single’s punchy mix of deadpan vocals, catchy guitar pop arrangements and droll, conversational lyrics (Sample: “The paramedic thinks I'm clever 'cause I play guitar/I think she's clever 'cause she stops people dying”).

It’s a formula she’s more or less stuck with in the years since, right up to this year’s well-received Tell Me How You Really Feel, which plays like a topical 2010s update of ‘90s grunge and indie rock.

Not one for grand theatrics, Barnett will more likely be winning crowds over with her unassuming persona and raw talent when she hits the stage next week.

Courtney Barnett is playing at the Roundhouse, London, on June 6th. Tickets can be bought here.