Why Holodomor was one of the worst genocides in human history

Friday 18th May 2018 | Grace

Although many people know about the cruel rule of Joseph Stalin during the early part of the 20th Century, what most aren’t aware of is how his spiteful actions resulted in the death of around 10 million Ukrainians.

In 1932-1933, Ukraine was still part of Russia but was fighting for independence from the USSR and was therefore, still under the rule of Stalin. However, Stalin was not happy with the idea of Ukrainian people gaining solidarity from his rule, it is documented that Stalin and his government carefully devised a plan which would result in the deaths of the majority of the population of what was then known as The Ukraine. His plan was to kill people through starvation, for 17 horrific months, those who lived in the country suffered a long and painful death through famine. It is now accepted that Stalin committed a mass genocide of the Ukrainian people which is commonly known as Holodomor, translating to “killing by hunger”.

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Not only were all the food supplies removed from the country, but any food that was to be delivered to the people was diverted to ensure that they did not receive it. Despite people at first being able to live off the left-over grain and crops that were growing, Stalin made orders to remove all the grain that was growing to make sure that people truly did not have anything to eat. These millions of tonnes of grain were exported to the west in the highest level of exportation they had seen.

Barriers were built around the country so that nobody could escape and those that made it to the borders were taken off the trains that carried them where many of whom died right there. Others approached the borders in desperate attempts to take the smallest amount of grain they could, which resulted in them being shot in their place by the mounted guards the patrolled the area.

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People were dying everywhere so Stalin created a group of people who were ordered to collect the bodies of those who had died and were rewarded with bread. Some people were even buried alive.

Despite the reporting of the genocide all over the world, nobody did anything to help. 7 million people died in the space of one year all because of Stalin’s evil plan to stop the freedom of Ukraine. And this was just a small section of Stalin’s overall evil dictatorship.