Here's why everyone is worked up about Gammon

Other | Monday 14th May 2018 | Jake

A new term has emerged that has worked up a storm on the internet. 40+ white males that generally vote Tory, hold anti-immigrant views and are wound up by political correctness are being referred to as Gammon. They’re not happy about it and some are calling the term racist.

Some of those labelled Gammon could undoubtedly be found at the recent ‘march for freedom of speech’ that saw thousands walk from speakers corner to the houses of Parliament bemoaning Twitter’s silencing of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson. Matt Zarb-Cousin, former Jeremy Corbyn spokesperson and the man credited with popularising the term, wrote in Huck magazine that Gammon "are found in safe Conservative seats in the home counties."

“They’re homeowners, small business owners, the beneficiaries of the system.” No research has yet been made into the Gammon demographic, but one thing that certainly can be attributed to them is that they are a vocal group. Buoyed by the right-wing press, Gammons are loud on Twitter and other social media platforms, haranguing social justice warriors, lefties, feminists and people with an ounce of doubt over Brexit.

So it’s with little surprise that the term Gammon has caused an uproar. The right-wing are eager to point out a double-standard on name-calling, and many are upset over the racial connotations. Anoosh Chakelian of The New Statesman believes the term was first used to describe the white male by journalist Caitlin Moran, written, ironically, in her column found in the right-wing Times newspaper.

The debate intensified when DUP MP Emma Little-Pengelly, tweeted her shock at the popularity of the term, explaining that “stereotyping by colour or age is wrong no matter what race, age or community.”

Author and Guardian columnist Owen Jones helpfully pointed out to her that the DUP’s views on homosexuality amount to dangerous bigotry and that LGBTQ are often stereotyped by DUP members as sodomites intent on the destruction of morals. He also summarised that “affluent white men with reactionary opinions are not a race.”

The term Gammon has left many crimson-cheeked with anger, and apparently completely oblivious to their hypocrisy when they mock the ‘snowflakes’ for their name-calling.