Get on the Warpath with Maztek's heavy AF playlist

Drum and Bass | Monday 14th May 2018 | Arren

Maztek gets wild on this playlist.

He’s an Italian-born neurofunk machine. Since his 2012 'Galactica / Odyssey' on Renegade Hardware, he hasn’t looked back, making a name for himself with hard-hitting drum & bass tracks that have been causing chaos in the clubs.

Earlier this year Maztek started his own label, 0101 Music and he’s just dropped his latest album Warpath on it. The Italian bass head heads back to his musical roots with collaborations with top talents, producing a twisted 16 tracked belter. Three years in the making, Maztek brings together new and old skool styles in a marriage delivering the classic vibes from a range of places with a new modern twist.

Following the release of his latest fire, he’s put together a playlist of heavy drum & bass sounds featuring his latest album, Abis and Noisia’s insane remix of Pendulum's 'Hold Your Colour'. These are quality tunes you need to get in your lists now.

The Dirt - Maztek & Aeph

“I chose this one because it’s from my brand new album Warpath and 0101 label. I really love it. Me and Aeph started working together a few years ago as we both came from Rome. We did a lot of collaborations in the past and a few months ago I found an old project called ‘What You Got’, so we decided to make music together again and ‘The Dirt’ was the result of that.”

Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum

“It’s just an amazing tune. The intro and its drop is totally unexpected. It’s always gets a great reaction when you play it out on the dancefloor. It’s heavy but at the same time it’s very musical.”

Timeless - Maztek

“I made this tune when I lost my dog so I put a lot of extra feeling it. That’s why it’s sentimental to me.”

If You - Abis

“I think Mark is a genius and is a good friend of mine. He’s going to remix a track from my LP and he’s the first person I met when I moved to Holland.”

Sound Barrier - Pythius & Gridlok

“I picked this one as they’re both friends of mine. This track is forthcoming on Pythius’ new LP too.”

Maztek’s Warpath is out now - Buy

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