Marci Phonix goes toe to toe with Tories on Windrush scandal

Grime | Friday 20th April 2018 | Alex

Marci Phonix appeared on Channel 4 News on Wednesday to debate the Windrush scandal, alongside Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng and Mary Ann Sieghart, journalist and chair of the right-wing Social Market Foundation.

The musician challenged the Tory politician to justify the government's failure to defend the rights of British citizens who emigrated here from the Carribean with their parents during the 50s and 60s. Some of whom are now facing deportation and lack of access to services, despite having lived here for the vast majority of their lives.

Following the introduction of the so-called 'Hostile Environment' policy by the Conservative government under David Cameron and Theresa May, people are being asked to produce documentation proving their citizenship when accessing services such as the NHS.

For some, this has proved difficult. The government has admitted it destroyed the landing cards of those arriving 50 years ago. Some members of the 'Windrush generation' do not own passports and cannot produce paper evidence of their right to live in the UK, such as school records, exam certificates or employment records.

In the clip, Marci Phonix blames institutional racism for the government's lack of effort in immediately granting citizenship and access to healthcare to those affected. Watch here.

Marci's politically charged new single 'On My Wave', featuring Clue, where he elaborates on many of the themes raised during his Channel 4 appearance, is out now.