5 Reasons Why you should buy Stormzy's album or see him live

RnB/Hip Hop | Wednesday 4th April 2018 | Angel

It seems like Stormzy can do anything. He’s got the tracks, the facts, the name and the fame and, more importantly, he knows how to use it.  

  1. He’s an actor

Yes, the news is true. Stormzy is nominated for a BAFTA for his impromptu appearance on ITV’s reality show Love Island. His convincing “yeah, I’m feeling it” is more than worthy of the award, because let’s be real, Kem and Chris aren’t going to be climbing the charts anytime soon.

  1. He gets all political

Everyone has heard about Stormzy’s powerful Brit performance. Shooting his shot to the political realm and asking “where’s the money for Grenfell?”, Stormzy did not only whip up public attention, but managed to squeeze out a response from the Prime Minister herself.

  1. He’s smart as fuck

Not many people are aware, but Stormzy is a bit of a boffin; having achieved 6 A*s at GCSE and considered applying for Oxford.

  1. Stormzy is as HUMBLE as it gets

OG Stormzy fans will remember his 2014 MOBO Grime awards acceptance speech. Not managing to produce a sentence for over 30 seconds, this gem is as humble as one can get.

  1. Anyone who calls Theresa May a pagan is in my good books

What’s the point of having a huge following if you don’t use your platform to do good. Calling out Theresa May for her shitty time as PM so far, Stormzy is the one to watch for real talk.

Angel Witney