Ras Muhamad & Kelissa's 'Satu Dunia/ One World' reminds us of what truly matters

Reggae | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Patience

Indonesia's reggae ambassador Ras Muhamad teams up with renowned Jamaican songstress Kelissa to create sweet vibrations in their latest track 'Satu Dunia/ One World'.

In a world that focuses more on differences than what connects us, Kelissa and Ras keep us grounded to what really matters in 'Satu Dunia/ One World '. Kelissa half chants, half croons the heart of the single in the first few verses, "we may not speak the same tongue, but we got love." Accompanied by Ras's gentle vocals but hard-hitting lyricism in the foreground, he sings "we are one" repeatedly.

However, it's the versatile arrangement of the track that makes it stand out from the get-go. From the heavenly grooves and traditional deep reggae sound at the beginning of the song to Arabic melodic undertones near the end of the track. The duo go back and forth in various languages, singing the same thing, "we are one world" it is clear they are reminding us that we are one big universal family, who shouldn't "let petty prejudices" divide us any longer.