The Common Kings & Kat Dahlia will make you feel like a 'Champion'

Reggae | Tuesday 20th March 2018 | Patience

Grammy-nominated reggae band the Common Kings team up with American artist Kat Dahlia on the new single 'Champion'.

The song is packed full of Island vibes and acoustic soul, a feel-good love song like this doesn't come along often. The Common Kings velvety harmonies take you away as they sing, "I wouldn't trade you for the world because you are the champion, and I know, you're one in a million...I want you to be my number one...It's all for you."

While Kat Dahlia's refreshing and lush vocals only add more flavour to the passionate track, as the song comes to an end Dahlia and the Common Kings keep us hooked with a gorgeous and spellbinding duet.